Semiconductor and Electronic Packaging Solution
Printed Circuit Board
Electronic component
Telecommunication and Computer Interconnection
Automobile Electronics
Telecommunication and Computer Interconnection
Our manufacturer provides one-stop-solution from upstream process to final product, so as to provide customer cost-efficient products. Besides standard products that can be found in the market, our vendor also provides customized products that can fit customers’ unique needs. Material options besides PVC are ready for market demand.
Telecommunication solution
Cost-effective solution for basic connection of PSTN, telephone and fax machine sets. Experienced maker is ready to meet different telephone cord specifications around the world and compliance to UL/CSA and FCC standard.
Computer interconnection
Well equipped-option of computer cabling such as HDMI, USB, IEEE1394 in order to fulfill customers’ all-round-need. Besides standard products, one-stop specialized options such as coloring, connector, package are available to satisfy every customers needs.
Networking solution
The network cabling solution our vendor provides will guarantee you performance and stability in every aspects of high-speed networking environment. Low down-time is priority for networking environment so our engineering team designs and manufactures the products with reliability engineering in mind.