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Printed Circuit Board
Our makers are capable in both rigid and flexible printed circuit board in double and multi-layer configuration. Our PCB and FPC makers which are certified with ISO/TS16949 standard are experienced in application of fields such as consumer and office electronics, automobile industry, industrial automation and information technology. With the assistance of advance equipment and skillful design team and engineer, Kangawa Hong Kong is able to bring you world-class PCB and FPC in tight lead-time.

Technical Capability for Rigid-PCB


FR-4, CEM-3

Layers coverage

Double side to 12 Layers

Board Thickness

0.15mm to 3.2mm for Double Layer
0.4mm up for 4 layers,
0.6mm up for 6 layers,
0.7mm up for 8 layers

Copper Clad (Inner)


Copper Clad (Outer)


Min. Trace (Width / Spacing)

3.0 mils (0.08mm)

Hole Size Tolerance (NPTH)

+/- 2 mils (+/- 0.05mm)

Hole Size Tolerance (PTH)

+/- 2 mils (+/- 0.05mm)

Min. Hole Size(finishing)

8mils (0.2mm)

Surface Finishes

HAL(Lead-free option available),
Immersion Gold, Gold flash, Pre-flux,
Immersion Silver


Technical Capability for Flexible-PCB

Materials Polyimide

Layers coverage

Single & Double Side, Multilayer 4-6 layers.

Minimum Trace Width

0.003" (for 0.5mil+0.5oz(ED) double side, able to make 0.002")

Minimum Space Between Traces

0.003" (for 0.5mil+0.5oz(ED) double side, able to make 0.002")

Minimum Hole Size


Minimum Annual Ring


Thickness Tolerance

Single Sided


Double Sided



0.002" ~ 0.007"


Base Material and Thickness

Polyimide or 0.0005",0.001"

Conductor(Copper Thickness)

0.5 oz,1.0 oz or 2.0 oz(RA or ED Copper)

Cover Layer Material and Thickness

Polymide 0.001" or 0.0005"

Adhesive Material and Thickness

Epoxy, Acrylic 0.001" or 0.002" or 0.0005"

Stiffener Material and Thickness

FR-4,Mylar or Kapton 0.001" ~ 0.062"