Semiconductor and Electronic Packaging Solution
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Semiconductor and Electronic Packaging Solution
1. Wafer Handling Solution
We provide a great variety of products handling raw silicon, wafers in process, transportation and storage.
Raw Silicon Handling
Wafers Handling
In-Process Products
Products key features:
1. High precision and optimize for automation
2. Strict cleanliness, particle and outgas requirement.
3. Rigid protection and dimension stability throughout product life
4. Flexible design, size and shape for tailor made requirement
5. Reusable for economical and environmental concern
2. IC and electronic component packaging solution
Open tools and Customized solution for handling different IC Packaging during shipping and process. They are manufactured to fulfill your economical, environmental and engineering needs.
JEDEC,EIAJ standard and customized trays that fit various packaging such as BGA, QFN, PGA, MQFP, LQFP, TQFP, TSOP. IC size can be fitted into the design our vendor provided. Material options are available in ABS, MPSU, PAS, MPPO and MPPE etc.. The ESD and engineering requirement are also considered and fulfilled with our trays.
Our vendor provides plastic tube that is designed for IC and electronic components. There are always suitable designs for tiny IC to large automobile components. Flexible design allows maximum utilization of automation and stability. Material options are available in PVC and PS with or without anti-static coating.
  Tape, Reel and Cover Tape
Tape and reel is best for storage and process that space utilization and automation are concerned. Customized design can be made upon customer requirement, open-tool option is also available. The tapes and reels we provide are compliance with ESD requirement and deep-pocket is available for tape design. Besides standard single layer material, 3-layer material is also available for better strengthness performance for tape.

3. Digital Storage Packaging Solution
In order to fulfill the high standard requirement of the storage industry, Kangawa provides the following storage related solutions:

   Disc Caddy
Provide storage and protection from processing to shipping
2. Flexible design and size available
3. Promising cleanliness and low particle discharged.
   Disc Tray
Designed for HGA and HSA handling
2. Design that fits customized needs
3. High precision for full automation